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Subject: Brass and Grissom Part 4DISCLAIMER: This story is purely fictional. It features Older gay men
involved in sexual acts. If that is not to your liking please feel free to
stop reading now. The characters of Jim Brass and Gil Grissom are
fictional characters of the television show CSI and all rights are owned by
Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS Studios.Brass heard the telltale breathing that indicated Grissom had fallen
asleep. He himself was too restless to fall asleep and soon decided to get
up. He rolled Grissom onto his right side and sat up. He wondered how
Grissom was able to get to sleep with that monstrous butt plug still inside
him. He went over to where Grissom had dropped the other butt plug and
picked it up. It was still glistening with lube. He felt a sudden impulse
and pressed it urgently to his hole, longing to feel that sense of fullness
once more. This was the first time he had ever put anything up his own
hole and he found it trying. He wanted it inside him but he was having a
hard time relaxing. He squatted down a bit to open his hole and was
finally able to shove it home. He stood up, relishing the feel of the plug
stretching his insides. His penis, which had been flaccid, was starting to
engorge.He left Gil lying on the floor and went upstairs to use the bathroom. He
found it difficult to urinate considering the size of the plug inside him.
When preteenage hairy girls he had finished he went to the living room where he retrieved some
pillows and a blanket. He carried them back downstairs turning off the
light as he came down.When he reached the bottom of the stairs he went to Grissom and placed a
pillow under his head. He took the other one and lay behind Grissom,
spooning him closely. He slipped his right arm under Grissom and around
his stomach, pulling closer. He reached down with his left hand and began
to tug the butt plug from Grissom's ass. It came out relatively easy,
probably because Grissom was in such a relaxed state. He ran his left hand
up and down Grissom's body, caressing him softly. Then he slowly began to
kiss his neck and back. As he took his left arm and lifted Gil's left leg,
he thought there was one more thing he wanted to do tonight.Gil awoke unexpectedly, wondering preteen modal tgp
how long he had slept. He could feel
Brass holding him tightly, could feel kisses on his back and noticed his
leg was in the air. He felt Brass trying to push his cock inside him but
he wasn't having much luck getting to the hole. Gil 3d preteen links reached around behind
him and grabbed Brass's penis. He guided it to his hole and sighed as
Brass pushed it all the way in with a grunt. Brass's kisses became more
insistent and his grip around Grissom's stomach tightened. He was only
moving his hips an inch or two, keeping his cock almost all the way inside
as he fucked Grissom. The soft slapping of Brass's hips against his ass
picked up speed and he was rewarded with a prolonged grunt and warmth
inside him that indicated Brass had just blown his preteen dressup pics load. It wasn't quite
as big as the one Brass had deposited in his mouth a little petite preteen angels while earlier
but it was just as satisfying. He felt Brass's cock soften and could feel
some of the juices leaking from his ass, but Brass did not remove his cock
from his hole. He found that very agreeable and began to get erect
himself. A few seconds later he heard the soft snores of Brass, which
indicated he had fallen asleep. Oh well, he thought, there's always
tomorrow and promptly fell into a deep sleep.Grissom and Brass awoke almost simultaneously, but perhaps it was Brass
finally pulling his cock out of Grissom's ass that really woke them both.
Brass reached around and pulled out the butt plug from his own ass. After
a few morning kisses and gropes they cleaned up the mess they had left last
night. Brass removed his leather chaps and replaced them on the sexy preteen cum
Once that was done they made a breakfast of the leftover Chinese, Grissom
leaning against the counter and Brass preteen dream cartoon against the kitchen table, both
completely naked still. After eating their fill Grissom suggested a shower
might be in order and Brass quickly accepted.They made their way to the master bathroom and Grissom got an anal douche
from a closet. Brass had never used nor even seen one before and deferred
to Grissom to take charge. Grissom showed Brass how to fill it with water
and then he inserted it into his own ass, squeezing the water inside. He
then sat on the toilet and let the water run back out. After he had done
this a few times he gave it to Brass who tried to mimic what Grissom had
just shown him. The warm water felt good going in, although he thought it
was uncomfortable and quite embarrassing coming out. Grissom only smiled
reassuringly though. After Brass had repeated the douching three times he
handed it back to Grissom who put it away.He came back in and stepped into the shower, pulling Brass by the arm with
him. He turned on the hot water, which felt great, and began to kiss Brass
on the mouth, the water spraying directly gay preteen off their heads. Brass's hands
began to roam all over Grissom's body, eventually stopping on his buttocks
which he began to massage in a circular motion. They had a meeting of the
minds and Grissom decided he wanted to be fucked just as Brass decided he
couldn't stand not fucking Grissom one more second.Grissom spun around and grabbed Brass's arms, pulling them across his body
into a bear hug. Brass responded by ramming his cock home into Grissom's
ass and was rewarded with a groan of pain from Grissom. The hot water
acted as a natural lubricant and he was quickly pumping his cock in and out
Grissom's ass. Grissom grabbed tight underage preteen his own cock and began to masturbate
furiously as he was fucked. Grissom was shouting, "Fuck me, fuck me
harder!" over and over again causing Brass to pump as fast as he could.
Grissom braced himself with one hand against the shower wall as he
continued to jerk off with the other and began to push his ass back against
Brass urging him to fuck harder. Brass was thrusting so deeply now that
his cock slipped out of Grissom's ass, which made Grissom curse in
frustration and pump his cock all the harder. When he rammed it home to
the renewed delights of Grissom he lost it and shot his load preteen dream cartoon with pump
after pump of semen into Grissom's hole. After several more gentle thrusts
to release the last of his semen he was about to remove it but Grissom held
him in place and began to scream in delight. "Yes, yesss!!" he shouted as
Brass saw a jet nn preteen upskirts of cum hit the shower wall, quickly followed by three more.
Still Grissom held Brass inside him until his cock became limp and he was
no longer breathing heavily.When he released the cock from his ass and stood up they began to kiss once
more. Grissom reached for naked horny preteens the soap and they enjoyed lathering up each
other's bodies. Several times their sexual urges threatened to turn the
shower into another session of steamy sex but they both quickly realized
that if they didn't naked horny preteens stop now they could end up spending the rest of their
lives fucking each other in that very same shower. While not a bad thing,
they both understood the need to temporarily resume their "normal" lives.Once they had finished showering and Grissom had douched himself again,
Brass reclaimed his clothes from the basement and dressed quietly. He left
uneventfully with only the briefest embrace and kiss. Both men were coming
to the realization that these flings couldn't last forever. Either they
would have to make a decision to go their separate ways or they would have
to nn preteen upskirts move forward with this relationship. Grissom was confident that they
would be able to form a solid foundation for a lasting bond, but Brass was
beginning to question how this would affect his career and other
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